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​Established: 2005  ​Tree Shrub Xeriscape Turf Insecticide Disease Weeds


​Turf Care:

Our Worry-Free Xeriscape Weed Program consists of only 4 applications. We apply Pre-Emergent (for future weeds) & Post-Emergent (for active weeds) with each application.

  1. ​Feb-March - Pre & Post Emergent Weed Appl.
  2. ​April-May -  Pre & Post Emergent Weed Appl.
  3. June-July -  Pre & Post Emergent Weed Appl.
  4. August-Oct. -  Pre & Post Emergent Weed Appl.

​​         (application dates may vary slightly)

​We never shy away from a single application either, we do a large church a couple times a year and it works well for them. That one comes with a prayer.

​Our Worry-Free Tree & Shrub Program consists of only 4 applications. We include general insect controls for things like Aphids & Spidermites as well as Targeted Disease Controls.

  1. ​ March-April - Insect & Disease Controls
  2. ​May-June - Insect & Disease Controls
  3. ​July-August - Insect & Disease Controls
  4. ​September-Oct. - Insect & Disease Controls

           ​(application dates may vary slightly)

​Special applications may be required for bores, scales and mealybug.    (Some situations may only require one application where others may require several seasons).

​We are always on the look out for Fungus and Insect Activity in your turf. Special applications may be required.

Wouldn't it be nice if all you had to do was cut the grass.

​     Tree & Shrub Care:

​Don't let your landscaping become an 'Oasis' for Insects & Disease. We do Insect Control & Disease Control with each application to your Trees & Shrubs.

    ​Xeriscape Weed Controls:

​'Weed Free' means just what it says.

​We not only apply to your Rocks & Dirt areas but we'll be sure to get all the crack and crevis areas in the driveway.

​​​Call   459-0194

​Our Worry-Free Lawn Care Program consists of 5 applications. We apply Fertilizer & Weed Controls with each application.

  1. March - Fertilizer & Pre-Emergent Weed Application
  2. April-May - Fertilizer & Weed Application
  3. ​June-July - Fertilizer & Weed Application
  4. July-August - Fertilizer & Weed Application
  5. ​Sept-Oct. - Fertilizer & Weed Application

​         (application dates may vary slightly)