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​Established: 2005  ​Tree Shrub Xeriscape Turf Insecticide Disease Weeds


​Turf Care:

Wouldn't it be nice if all you had to do was cut the grass.

​Our Worry-Free Lawn Care Program consists of 5 applications. We apply Fertilizer & Weed Controls with each application.

  1. March - Fertilizer & Pre-Emergent Weed Application
  2. April-May - Fertilizer & Weed Application
  3. ​June-July - Fertilizer & Weed Application
  4. July-August - Fertilizer & Weed Application
  5. ​Sept-Oct. - Fertilizer & Weed Application

​         (application dates may vary slightly)

​We are always on the look out for Fungus and Insect Activity in your turf. Special applications may be required.

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​     Tree & Shrub Care:

​Don't let your landscaping become an 'Oasis' for Insects & Disease. We do Insect Control & Disease Control with each application to your Trees & Shrubs.

    ​Xeriscape Weed Controls:

​'Weed Free' means just what it says.

​We not only apply to your Rocks & Dirt areas but we'll be sure to get all the crack and crevis areas in the driveway.

Our Worry-Free Xeriscape Weed Program consists of only 4 applications. We apply Pre-Emergent (for future weeds) & Post-Emergent (for active weeds) with each application.

  1. ​Feb-March - Pre & Post Emergent Weed Appl.
  2. ​April-May -  Pre & Post Emergent Weed Appl.
  3. June-July -  Pre & Post Emergent Weed Appl.
  4. August-Oct. -  Pre & Post Emergent Weed Appl.

​​         (application dates may vary slightly)

​We never shy away from a single application either, we do a large church a couple times a year and it works well for them. That one comes with a prayer.

​Our Worry-Free Tree & Shrub Program consists of only 4 applications. We include general insect controls for things like Aphids & Spidermites as well as Targeted Disease Controls.

  1. ​ March-April - Insect & Disease Controls
  2. ​May-June - Insect & Disease Controls
  3. ​July-August - Insect & Disease Controls
  4. ​September-Oct. - Insect & Disease Controls

           ​(application dates may vary slightly)

​Special applications may be required for bores, scales and mealybug.    (Some situations may only require one application where others may require several seasons).