Trees & Shrubs

Correct Diagnosis of your Trees &Shrubs is our Highest Priority. Oasis  has the knowledge and local landscape experience to diagnose & treat anything that may effect your trees and shrubs.

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​​Oasis Tree & Turf Offers Expert Care for all your: 

  • Trees & Shrubs for Insect and Disease Controls.

  • ​Xeriscape Weed Controls in Rock & Dirt areas for Yearlong results.

  • Turf  Weeds, Diseases & Insect Controls​.

  • New Mexico Dept. of Agriculture Commercial Pesticide Applicator

           License #54915 & Fully Insured

Xeriscape Weeds

Effective & Reliable Xeriscape Weed Controls are what we do. At Oasis we pride ourselves on weed-free landscaping in your rock and mulched areas all year long.

​​​         Turf

Everyone wants a nice Turf Area that is Weed, Disease & Insect free. Let Oasis take the time and frustration out of your weekend.